What is Sour Honey & Is It a Cure for Cancer?

In the development to the 2016 presidential election in the month of November, a zealous advertising campaign plan was set to motion to promote an organic substance found in the rain forests of Brazil known "Sour Honey."

Claiming it as a remedy for one of the deadliest disease known to everyone as cancer, a famous political figure named Hillary Clinton and her "Nefarious Gang" were attempting to tuck away from the eyes of the general population to cover up their financial gain.

What is Sour Honey?


Before we investigate sour honey and its job in treating diseases like cancer, there is something you should be informed of - sour honey doesn't actually exist. At least not in the manner in which it is being advertised in front of the general people.

In actuality, there is no sort of honey that is created sour. There is a sort of honey, however, it is known as sourwood honey. This honey is made from sourwood tree bloom nectar, and it tastes sweet; not sour.

In any case, sourwood honey isn't the item that the proselytizers of sour honey are advancing. Most likely, the primary thing to illuminate is the way that sour honey isn't, actually, honey in any feeling of the term.

What the viral battle showcases as sour honey really alludes to a substance named propolis, which is a substance made by honey bees and portrayed in a report in 2016 that tried to reveal its chemical changeability.

Is It Actually A Cure For Cancer?

'Sour Honey' is supposedly made at a remote place in the Brazilian wilderness where honey bees produce the rarest sort of nectar, which has stayed intact for thousands of years.

But according to reality, a honey which is sour in taste doesn’t really exist. It’s basically a substance called propolis produced from honey bees.

As per the rumor, the ‘Sour Honey’ has been inspected and tested in research centers, with miraculous outcomes.

At the point when the tests were first performed, 'sour honey' could eradicate around 13 percent of the cancerous breast cells in a split second. They, at that point did an examination on human-like mice tumors, and the item halted the spread of cancer growth by 50 percent!

The propagators of these rumors at that point proceeded to make YouTube recordings and articles showing numerous other medical achievements that the phenomenal substance depicted. The principle message was that this item provided the cure for cancer.

But the main query still arises, which is, Is it really a cure for cancer?

Till now, no valid information has been provided about ‘Sour Honey’ being a cure for cancer and there is no expert personnel who can provide credentials for such paramount information.

Some people call it a hoax where else there are people who believe in this sort of news and trying to acquire it. But according to me, Propolis or you can say ‘Sour Honey’, cannot be considered as a cure or fix for cancer.

And the reason behind my opinion is that, though it's been appeared to be compelling in managing a scope of conditions including genital herpes, mouth blisters, bone sickness, and post-medical procedure mouth torment, there is no medical proof about it.

Some marketers for their election campaign created buzz marketing just by saying ‘Sour honey - a cure for cancer’ and as it considered a sensitive and crucial topic, it grabbed the attention of many people.

The Reality in Short

In any case, a group of marketeer has willingly volunteered to promote the item, naming it 'sour honey', and asserting it's a certain solution for cancer.

Some shrewd marketer will come to you with bent realities. For example, they will disclose to you that artepillin-C, a synthetic found the item, has been appeared to fix cancer – there is some reality to that.

Be that as it may, those are just hypotheses. As indicated by research, the compound shows potential in battling a few kinds of malignant growth, including prostate cancer and cancer of the colon. In any case, there is no medical verification that it fixes cancer.

Of course, just animal tests have been led. It is along these lines, not clear, if a similar potential to battle cancer cells applies to Human individuals.

Consequently, it's clear that the campaigns for sour honey cancer treatment are simply cunning promoting methods that utilized unsubstantiated research information to move an old item under another name.

Still it’s a fact that, the item is stuffed with medical advantages. It manages microbial contamination, quiets sensitivities, treats bone infection; it even lightens post-medical procedure torment. But it cannot be considered a cure for cancer.


Both Honey and Sour are opposite of each other, like two opposite poles of a magnet. And such kind of honey does not exist in real. It is basically a chemical compound known as propolis which is secreted by bees.

Though this chemical substance has a miraculous number of benefits related to health, it cannot be considered as a cure for cancer.

It is an organic product which benefits our health in many ways but it cannot be considered as a remedy for such a disease for which an immense amount of research was done but still no result found and studying many report.

I will conclude by saying that in spite of its health benefits, it cannot be considered as a cure for malignant or known as cancer.

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