3 Clever Ways – How to Store Honey?

For decades, honey has been one of the most versatile consumables that you can find. You can use it as a cough syrup, to cure a sore throat, or to sweeten your waffles in the morning.

Regardless of what you are planning to use it for, you will want it to be fresh.

Because of this, we bring you three smart ways in which you can store your honey!

This is so you can be sure that the honey won't crystallize, and it will be ready to consume anytime. Plus, we added a few tips and tricks that may help you deal with crystalized honey.

1. Honey Ice Cubes Method

You may think this sounds crazy, but once we explain it, you will see how useful this can be. This will not only keep your honey from crystallizing, but it will also help you store your honey for the long term. 

To begin with, you should choose the right container. You can use any mason jar to do this, just make sure that you leave a decent space on the jar since the honey will expand once it is frozen.

You could even use the same jar or container where the honey came when you bought it.

Once you choose a container, all you need to do is store it in the freezer. This will keep the honey from crystallizing, and it will be more accessible if you need to use it.

To thaw it out you just need to leave it at room temperature, and in a few minutes, you could have the honey ready for use.

It is recommended that you don't use any external tools to make the thawing process faster, since this may change how the honey tastes.

The best container would be an ice tray, by far. If you need to use the honey, you just need to take a few cubes, store them in a plastic back, and wait a few minutes for it to thaw.

This process is much faster and more efficient since you don't have to melt the whole jar of honey each time you need it.

2. Storing in Mason Jars or Glass Containers 

While this seems like a simple way to store honey, this is by far the most efficient way if you consume honey every day.

In many cases, the honey you buy in most convenient stores will come with a plastic container. The best option to store honey for short-term use is glass mason jars since this allows you to pour out the honey faster.

You can store these jars virtually anywhere, as long as they are not in direct contact with the sun. A cupboard or a cabinet could work correctly, but you can get creative as well.


You could add a magnet to the lid, and leave the jar hanging from any metal shelf.

If you don't have a metal rack, just add a metal bar under anything that protrudes off the wall, and it will still work correctly (as long as you secure it). 

The temperature of the room should be lower than 70° Fahrenheit (or 20° Celsius). When honey is exposed to higher temperatures, it may start losing its flavor and many health benefits.

Also, the honey begins to darken in color, which makes it unattractive.

Finally, make sure that the jar is tightly sealed. If the jar is not tightened enough, the flavor may be altered.

3. Using Old-Fashioned Containers 

If you prefer a more stylish and original way to keep your honey from crystallizing, you may want to continue reading.

If you are looking for a peculiar but original way to store honey, you may want to buy a few old honey containers.

These containers were used to store honey back in the 1800, and you would be impressed by how cool they look.

Plus, they will add an antique touch to your kitchen.

These will work correctly even if they have a cork instead of a lid. They may be a bit more fragile than other containers, but for the looks, it may be worth it.

You could find these in most antique shops, and they are not expensive. If by any chance there is no antique shop near you, you can order them on the internet.

You could be surprised by the many old-fashioned bottles that you can find, and all of them will keep your honey fresh.

Fixing Crystalized Honey 

Even when taking proper care of honey, it may still crystalize. But the thing is, reversing the process is not rocket science.

You don’t have to dispose of crystalized honey as if it was no longer edible. Instead, you can quickly bring honey back to its normal state if you do things correctly.

This will only take you a few minutes. You can do it with a few tools and with no effort.

To begin the de-crystallization process, you need to warm up a bit of water inside a pot. Once the water is at boiling point, set the jar or container inside the pot and let the jar rest for a while.

Make sure that you don't leave the jar by itself since you don't want the honey to be inside the water more time than necessary.

The best way to do this is to wait until the water is boiling, set the jar and immediately turn off the stove. This way you make sure that it won’t be more time than it needs to.

Make sure that the lit is tightened up since you don’t want water filtering inside the jar.

After the water has stopped boiling and the jar has cooled off, you can remove it from the pan.

Once you do, you will notice that the honey it not crystalized anymore and it is ready to be poured onto your waffles.

Tip – Avoid Any Hot Environment 

While we recommend that you should store honey on a cupboard or a shelf on the kitchen, there are cases in which this is not the best idea.

There are some kitchens where the cabinets are close to the stove or other hot appliances. This elevates the temperature around the cupboard, which is not good news for your honey jar.

As we mentioned earlier, higher temperatures can eliminate any health benefits and change the color of the honey. The taste also varies a bit.

We recommend that you keep any honey jars or containers on the breakfast table or just far away from any appliances.

This is just to be sure that the honey will stay fresh, so you can eat it whenever you want.

Bottom Line

Things just got interesting right? There are many ways to prevent honey crystallization, but the most reliable alternative is to store it properly.

We hope that you found this useful! Ta-da!

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