The Tea Sanctuary

Introducing the Tea Sanctuary, a new café on the Honeysuckle restaurant strip that offers a unique blend of tea, yoga, art and live music, where customers are invited to put their feet up and watch the harbour life float by.

Owned and operated by local, Melissa Oram, whose restaurant dream is to create a space in Newcastle where people can meet with friends and participate in a unique and relaxing experience.

“Today’s society is so inundated with unhealthy practices that are fast or rushed and so many problems stem from being too busy to take care of yourself.”

"Tea drinking has always been considered to hold medicinal value in traditional holistic health care practices from all over the world, as well as being a relaxing and enjoyable experience."  

 “At the Tea Sanctuary people can put themselves first, take the time to do things for their own benefit, slowly and deliberately giving themselves permission to relax and unwind with a warm cup of tea. And they can do this with close friends, relaxing music and an amazing Zen atmosphere.”

There are currently 45 teas on the menu with more to come. Melissa’s favourite is vanilla truffle and berry blend because it’s aromatic, sweet and thick and can be enjoyed with and without milk.

So why tea? A couple of years ago Melissa walked into an authentic tea store and found that tea is so versatile with different types ranging from white to black and tisanes with seemingly limitless blends.

“I feel like if someone doesn’t like tea they just haven’t found one they like as there is so many options,” says Melissa.

Customers can also take their tea experience home with all blends available for purchase in 50gram bags.

To add to your overall Zen experience the Tea Sanctuary offers restorative yoga and tea tasting every Thursday evening from 6:30-7:30pm. Restorative yoga helps you find mental and physical balance, and Melissa combines teaching the health benefits of teas with tea tastings! Prices are $15 per class or $80 for six classes which can be taken at any time and don't have to be consecutive. Beginners are more than welcome and class sizes are limited to ten people.

Each month a local feature artist is invited to exhibit their work on the shop walls creating an ever-changing visual aspect to the space. Ben Sheather, is exhibiting his work for the month of July, he specialises in simple but colourful canvases using stencils and ordinary spray cans. He hopes that his work can be decorative while also inspiring thought and creativity. 

To learn more visit or check out their Facebook page.

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