Community garden: a touch of the country in Honeysuckle

Edible community gardens in inner city environments bring a touch of the country into the most highly urbanised places. Honeysuckle is not just a fantastic waterfront playground and entertainment precinct; it is also home to many inner city residents. Place making activities are nourishing this developing sense of ‘Honeysuckle as home’ and the latest addition is the creation of our own community garden.

The garden is made up of beds located behind Silo Restaurant and Bar which are sprouting culinary herbs: basil, parsley, Thai basil, chives, thyme, rosemary, lemon grass and many varieties of chillies. About 40 residents live nearby and have been following the garden’s progress, enjoying visitors’ reactions to the unexpected green space and using the herbs themselves when they cook.

Residents are setting up a watering roster and while this is being organised the always obliging Ron Thomas has taken responsibility for keeping the beds moist and applying fertiliser when needed. He reports that the garden is easy to look after with the only problem so far sneaky snails which have most intriguingly navigated the urban environment to find this green spot.

Are you an inner city local? Do you need some parsley unexpectedly for a salad, or fresh basil for a lasagne? Drop in on the community garden right on your doorstep and be part of the best kind of sustainability - fresh produce grown right here in Honeysuckle.

The community garden can be seen at The Boardwalk, 1 Honeysuckle Drive, Honeysuckle.

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